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Acid Drinkers are a legendary Polish thrash metal band formed in 1986. Acid is a slang word for cheap wine. I was crazy about their music at some point and I knew the guys really enjoy KISS. KISS had its own comic book series – KISS 4K. I wanted my favourite band to have its own series too. While a student on Stevenson College Edinburgh I wrote an email to Maciek – band’s graphic designer, merchandiser and social media coordinator if I could create a comic about the Acids as a college project. He checked with the manager if the band won’t mind a fan creating fantastic stories about them – and even though it was risky (they didn’t know a thing about me) they thought it may be fun to see what crazy stories fans can come up with and it can help young artists gain recognition. This is how this wild series strongly inspired by the Tales from the Crypt came about.