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Lee Scratch Perry’s Love Cartoon

Run for cover now! The Upsetter is taking over in the new comic strip number one in the Universe. Lee Scratch Perry’s Love Cartoon is a super hypnotising, mesmerizing, entertaining and humour sustaining adventure series of good over evil. See how His Imperial Majesty dubs the Super Ape his supreme commander, the ultimate battle for Earth with Galactic Goats, incredibly ignorant dinosaur Bad Breath destroying London and many more in the fantastic, bombastic new adventures of the Super Ape. Lee Scratch Perry’s Love Cartoon will thrill you and swill you. Good over evil and love, love, love everywhere in the universe and in your bathroom. Being not only a musician but also a painter Mr. Perry is a great admirer of visual arts and comics. He and his wonderful wife Mireille were thrilled for the idea of creating a series with the Super Ape and they strongly support the concept of COMICSPRING platform. “Everything is possible in art” - Lee Scratch Perry